2018 Winter Semester


Brrrr...it's cold out there!! Don't go stir crazy at home! Be sure to sign up for a fun, indoor activity this winter for you and your little ones!! Enrollment for the 10-week 2018 Music for Aardvarks Nashville Winter Semester is NOW OPEN!! DancEast will host our Tuesdays 10am beginning January 23rd (pushed back due to snow on 1/16) and BarreAmped East will host our Wednesdays 4pm (pending), Fridays 10:15am, and Saturdays 11:30am beginning January 17th, 19th, and 24th! 

Current prices for the 10-week Winter semester is $199 per child. Fees include the semester's corresponding CD/mp3s of music. Siblings over 6 months are just an additional $100 to attend, and siblings under 6 months are free to join! I will offer $10 if you refer a friend! The more the merrier, so be sure to spread the word! 

Class locations:

DancEast - 805 Woodland St #314, Nashville, TN 37206

BarreAmped East - 1002 Fatherland St #202, Nashville, TN 37206

Want a class on a different day or on your side of town? Email any questions or suggestions to: info@nashvilleaardvarks.com