2018 Music for Aardvarks Fall Schedule :

BarreAmped East Classes:

Saturdays 11:30am starts 9/8 (8weeks)

*If a group is interested in a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday class, please email info@nashvilleaardvarks.com

DancEast Classes:

Tuesdays 10:15am starts 9/11 (10-weeks) 

The current 10-week semester is $225 for children 6mos-5yrs (plus $100 for additional siblings over 6mos) and the Saturday 8-week is $185. You can pay by Paypal via the website during sign up or to info@nashvilleaardvarks.com, by Venmo by searching the group "NashvilleAardvarks" or by cash or check (to Corinne Callen) on the first day of classes!


Class locations:

DancEast - 805 Woodland St #314, Nashville, TN 37206

BarreAmped East - 1002 Fatherland St #202, Nashville, TN 37206

Planning a birthday party for your little one? Inquire about our special event performances! 

Want a class on a different day or on your side of town?

Email any questions or suggestions to: info@nashvilleaardvarks.com